Lately, the crew team finally releases photos of 30 female artistes participating in Chinese variety show, Sisters Who Make Waves 3 (乘风破浪的姐姐3) and they share their thoughts about the competition. Hong Kong singer Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) uploaded her photo taken together with Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) in makeup room and her skinny body seems to steal the limelight.

From the photos presented, Gillian appears to lose substantial weight and begins to show a sharp chin. Although Fiona stands in front, but the netizens pointed she is too skinny. Fiona posted an online message: “Yes, I finally get to share some photos. I know 18th May marked 21st anniversary for Twins. Congratulations! Please reserve a seat for me to shake hand with you in your next concert.”