Not long ago, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) talked about her love history in the show (絲打圍爐) hosted by Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅). She disclosed one of her ex-boyfriends checked her mobile phone all the time and the conversations with her friends for the past 2 years. Natalie also suggested not to find evidences when facing her partner’s betrayal.

Natalie revealed she had a very strong hunch especially when her partner betrayed her and tried to find evidences: “I felt extremely upset after that: “We saw each other all the time and I could feel if his love increases or decreases. It made me wanted to check his phone once I felt that way.”

Subsequently, Natalie pointed no woman could accept the betrayal and it was best not to find any evidences: “You will keep looking for evidences once checking his phone. Why are you not breaking up since you found it? I tried to find different ways to make me move on but it was hard to give up the relationship. Please do not be silly and make yourself unhappy. After that incident, I no longer check my partner’s mobile phone. Yes, I might be deceived by him but at least, I love him every second. If he chooses to tell you one day, it means he cheats on you.”

Finally, Natalie shared her most painful love experience when playing a game: “One of my ex-boyfriends did not trust me and demanded to check my mobile phone all the time. I have no secret and he wanted to check my phone before eating and sleeping. He even checked the conversations saved for 2 years and asked me about it. I could not even remember but he was certain that I said it before. I did not expect he did not trust me at all. It is disrespectful and disappointing.”