Joe Ma (馬德鐘) played the male lead and 2 roles in TVB drama, Stranger Anniversary (雙生陌生人) and expressed it was the most suffering experience, since joining the industry. Despite poor rating record and reducing 5 episodes, Joe remained positive and said: “I did my part and do not want to think too much. It is worth it as long as providing entertainment to the audiences.”

Subsequently, Joe pointed he believed everyone had different experiences and his life was considered satisfactory: “Having a positive mindset is very important and everything will run smoothly, after overcoming obstacles. However, we must be alert and prepared at all times.”

In 2018, Joe became TV King based on Life on the Line (跳躍生命線) series and disagreed about having a successful career: “Winning an award is a form of recognition and depends on many factors. Being hardworking is insufficient and I am considered lucky. Remaining healthy and having work are essential. Anyway, we must take it easy.”

Apparently, Joe has been in entertainment industry for 30 years and tries different roles. He acted as a villain in At the Threshold of an Era (創世紀) drama and was given main roles gradually. In recent years, Joe plays uniformed group member and professional and wishes to try other roles such as homosexual.