TV Queen Ali Lee (李佳芯) resigns from TVB new drama, The Spirits (靈戲逼人) due to health issue and Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) acts as her replacement. Ali’s sudden resignation made the crew team shocked and fortunately, Simon Wong (王偉仁) knows Katy after filming Brutally Young 2.0 (十八年後的終極告白2.0) series and approaches her immediately.

In 2017, Ali discovered she had a tumour around 10cm near her ovary and begun to take care of her health after the surgery. During an interview with TVB Entertainment News, she made an explanation: “I know my body and always suffers from tremendous pressure after wrapping up drama every time. Thus, I fall sick mentally and physically.”

Ali confessed she wanted to act as a spirit all along: “It is interesting. I played a robot previously and wish to try other roles. It is a pity that I cannot participate in this series as my health might affect filming progress and it is hard for others to compromise me. Thus, I discuss with the company and they are worried that I might not handle it.”

Apparently, Ali had been consulting Traditional Chinese practitioner who advised her not to overwork and had been using acupuncture, but could not have a full recovery: “I am extremely worried about my health if need to work for 24 hours for 2 to 3 months. It is better to have work life balance.”