On 6th June, a worshipping ceremony for EEG movie (內幕) was conducted. Film producer Tin Kai Man (田啟文), film director Alan Mak (麥兆輝), movie king Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Simon Yam (任達華), Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Alex Fong (方中信), Kathy Yuen (湯怡), Niki Chow (周勵淇), Gladys Li (李靖筠), Power Chan (陳國邦), David Chiang (姜大衛) and Felix Lok (駱應鈞) were present.

Aaron expressed his last collaboration with Francis was 2000AD (公元2000) film in 2000 and did not have many joint scenes. In the film, Aaron plays a lawyer and an expert in Taekwondo while Francis acts as a cop and his previous cooperation with Alan is Internal Affairs II (無間道II) movie.

Finally, Aaron disclosed Alan tried to arrange additional scenes for actresses and Francis said: “Every actress is married and I have no imagination.”

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