Joel Chan (陳山聰) is well-known as a good father and gets to shoot several advertisements. Lately, he films 2 health commercials and needs to play with child actor outdoor. He carried him and turned a few rounds. When asked if he planned to film advertisement with his son, Jaco in the future, Joel replied he was an open-minded father and did not mind it, but depended on the theme though.

Subsequently, Joel felt grateful to have work and try to spend time with Jaco other than working: “It is an unforgettable memory to work with child actor around 2 or 3 year old. It is very difficult to control him and important to have patience. Fortunately, the director has experiences in pacifying children and I get to learn tips. Once changing Jaco’s diaper, I assumed it was pee but turned out he passed motion. My hands were covered with it and it is indeed an unforgettable experience.”