Since tying the knot with Raymond Lam (林峯), Carina Zhang (张馨月) has been focusing on taking care of their daughter. A few days ago, she uploaded a video introducing hair removal in a grey vest revealing her arms. Carina does not apply make up and appears haggard. The netizens said: “She resembles a man. I assume she is a man at first glance.”

In addition, some netizens discovered her gigantic diamond ring and asked: “Finally, somebody gets to promote it?” Carina responded: “Yes, but I am picky and will only share it if it is not bad.” In fact, her posts and videos are usually slammed by the netizens but Carina will fight back and has an online “war” with them. Fortunately, many fans supported her and said: “Why are the competitions between the females are getting intense? You can ignore if dislike it. Please stop picking on her.”