Tony Hung (洪永城) and his wife, Inez Leong (梁諾妍) wore couple outfits at an event (J2再出世). It is their first time to attend an activity together as a married couple and Inez dismissed about leaving TVB, but made a cameo appearance in J2 show, We’re All Wildlings (意外步出) only. She said: “I have yet to sign contract with any television station and do not mind participating in dramas and programmes.

Asking if both were interested to join reality show together, Inez agreed but Tony seemed to show some resistance: “I do not want to face her at work as well. However, I do not mind sharing parental knowledge as a father though. I will be leaving Hong Kong for around 3 months.” Inez disclosed her mother and mother-in-law will be taking care of their daughter, Amber: “I will continue to work to support Amber.”

As for Nicole Wu (胡美貽), she cut her hair short for new series and hurt her forehead when hosting a show with Alex Fong (方力申) earlier. She said: “I am recovering slowly.”

Finally, Sonya Chan (陳欣茵) nearly fell down while walking up to the stage and fortunately, a gentleman helped her. She smiled and said: “I feel too excited and risk my life for J2. I reckon I twist my ankle but it should be fine.”